Selling A House

Following these steps or overlooking them can potentially make, or cost you thousands of dollars when selling a house in 2019. Like all significant decisions in life, selling a home and achieving the best outcome deserves a lot of attention and reflection – pricing the property correctly for the market can in itself be quite tricky. Other tough decisions need to be made, like knowing which improvements to make that will get you a good return on your money – and which won’t.

Here’s our “10 Steps To Selling A House In 2019” guide.

These 10 steps will help you avoid some of the pitfalls sellers often fall into when putting their homes on the market. We hope that the tips in this guide will help you sell your home for the highest possible price. Best of luck!

Should i sell my house?

1. Decide To Sell Your Home

For most people, the decision to sell a property and relocate is very stressful. There are many reasons why people may decide to sell – it might be to:

– Upgrade to a larger place to accommodate your growing family.

– To relocate if you’ve found a new job and wanted to make your work commute shorter.

– Perhaps even to go off the grid and buy that lifestyle property you’ve always wanted.

– Later in life priorities change and you may want to live somewhere that is low-maintenance and close to all amenities.

The list goes on, but step one is always identifying that you do want to move to a home that is better suited to both your present and future.

Research the market before selling a house

2. Research the Market

Real estate markets can experience major shifts and fluctuations over time – although selling and buying in the same market will mean these fluctuations are relative, re-entering a different market could prove costly. Then there are smaller trends you can study, popularity in suburbs can change over time as a newly built suburb becomes less popular and modern over time; more services or shopping centres in a particular part of town can significantly increase convenience for those who live in the area – all these factors and more can have a significant impact on the market. You can do most of this research yourself, but at the end of the day, there is no replacement for a reputable agent that does thorough research and knows the ins-and-outs of the area. They can provide an expert opinion on what the market is doing and where your house should be positioned within that market for the best possible result.

Select the right real estate agent

3. Select the Right Agent

A seemingly obvious thing to say, but a lot of people will stay with an agent they used many years ago or will accept the services of an agent that was referred to them by a friend without shopping around. As a property is the most significant financial asset many will own in their lives – doing the best job in finding the right agent could make a huge difference in the price you get for your property, the amount of time you spend on the market, the amount of stress involved in being on the market and the amount you pay for your next home if you are re-entering the market. A hard working and trustworthy agent you can form a good working relationship with, who has access to resources to market and sell your property and embraces modern technology should be considered your first choice. Other factors worth looking at are selling fees and what services you as the seller get for that fee. Not all agents offer the same services, and not all agents have the same resources to draw from to achieve a sale. It pays to shop around, do your research and carefully evaluate what your options are. Ensure that the agent you choose make you feel at ease, are enthusiastic and will do the best they can to get you the highest price possible in the current market.

How much do i sell my house for?

4. Price Your Home

You need to know how much your home is worth so that you can sell it at a fair price. If you overprice it, your home will not get buyers’ attention. Once it has been on the market a while, it can go stale, which results in buyers coming in with lower offers than you deserve – if at all. To refresh the listing, you may need to drop the selling price and change the marketing campaign. Not overpricing to start with is vital, so ensure thorough research are done at the start. The price must be attractive to buyers in the market to get feet through the door and an offer. Your ideal agent should be able to advise where your property fits into the current market so you can get the highest possible price with your first attempt.

Getting ready for home openings

5. Prepare Your Home

Preparing your property for the market is often a lot more than just mowing the lawn and vacuuming the house. A good agent should be able to provide constructive advice on how to make your home appear at its best. It is important to trust this process and not take anything personally – as decluttering areas, repositioning furniture and doing away with “pet rugs” or old carpets can make a big difference to buyers’ perceptions – and the offer amount. After all, first impressions count. In some cases, you may have to go beyond this and undertake small repairs or even give the house a fresh coat of paint – again, an experienced agent should be able to advise you which repairs will be value adding – and which are not likely to provide you with a return. In a world filled with advertising and information you only have a few seconds to attract a buyer’s attention, so ensure you do the very best you can to ensure a positive first impression.

Marketing your property in 2019

6. Market Your Home

There’s an old saying that a house sells itself. You pay your agent primarily for being a legal buffer between you and the buyers, their expertise on pricing, to negotiate on your behalf, and of course, to expertly market your home to as many potential buyers as possible – after all, you can’t sell a secret. Not all agencies have the same access to resources or the same way of doing things; find the one that offers the best and most exposure for your property. You need feet through the door to get an offer.

Roughly 97% of serious buyers search online for their ideal property. Your agents marketing techniques must be able to attract buyers’ attention, get their interest by appealing to their needs and wants, create desire and be convincing enough to get buyers to take the desired first action – to book a viewing.

Get ready for the open house

7. Be Ready for Home Viewings

When you have a property listed for sale, you need to ensure that it’s always ready for viewing at short notice. The home and yard should look and feel loved and welcoming to buyers, so keep it clean and tidy at all times. A good agent should be able to guide you through a list of how to prepare the home correctly to give it maximum street appeal, and create the right impression inside. Small things like taking down some family portraits and decluttering can go a long way in helping a buyer visualise themselves living in your home. It is vital the buyer can feel at home in the place they’re considering moving to – so heed the advice of your agent when it comes to tidying and depersonalising the home. The easiest way to live in it and the best way to present it, are not always the same thing. Treat the sale of your home as an important business deal.

8. Entertain Offers

If all goes to plan, you should be entertaining offers before too long. Many offers come with conditions; some might be subject to the sale of the buyers’ home, subject to finance approval, subject to contemporaneous settlement or subject to a building inspection. A good agent will guide you through these conditions and help you understand what the legal terms mean, how accepting or rejecting any or all of these conditions could influence your sales result – and advise what’s your best course of action would be under the circumstances.

Negotations when selling a house

9. Negotiate with Buyer

After identifying a willing and able buyer, it is time to get together and negotiate the price and conditions of the sale on paper. Your agent will handle these negotiations, using their skills and experience to ensure the best possible deal for their client – the seller, without scaring away the buyer.

Selling a house in 2019 means doing a deal

10. Close the Deal

Finally, it is time to make things official at settlement. This is the stage where you get your money, and the buyer receives the keys to their new home. Moving out while the buyer moves in could have its pitfalls and stresses, so ensure you get good advise from your agent. This stage brings together the seller, the seller’s agent, the buyer, and if the buyer elected to use one – the conjunction agent. Upon settlement, the house will no longer be on the seller’s name, and all loose ends will have been tied up. Selling your home will require patience on the seller’s part and hard work on the agent’s part. It also requires a bond of trust between you and the experts you choose to work with, so choose wisely. There is no better feeling than walking away from a sale knowing you’ve achieved the best possible result. Choosing the right agent to share this journey will make all the difference.

That’s How To Sell A House In 2019

Each of the 10 steps listed above can help you avoid the pitfalls people often fall into when selling, and help you achieve the best selling price possible in the current market. The process of selling your home may require some effort and time on your part, but you will reap the rewards by achieving the right result, first time around. 

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